• Stitching Together the Chester County Masketeers
    This group has been a true inspiration.
  • Melton Center Website
    For the past 100 years, the Melton Center has contributed to the quality of life for all people of the greater West Chester community by continuing its long commitment to providing educational, recreational, cultural, and civic services.
  • How to Use Facebook Live to Host a Concert
    Local musicians and speakers unite for a night of music and Democracy!
  • The Chester County Masketeers
    Together, We Can Cover Chester County
  • Life After Baby 12: Tips for Stressed Parents
    Today’s guest, Kathrine Bright, owner of KatFit, shares healthy ways to cope with stress, both physically and mentally.
  • World’s Finest Show
    Each week, the World’s Finest Show returns from the fringes of popular culture for a round table discussion on comics, movies, video games, and tech.
  • Life After Baby
    After Ava was born, Leslie quickly learned that new motherhood wasn’t exactly what she expected.
  • Under The Hood: A Behind the Scenes Look at Little Red Robin Hood
    Join Kyle Hudson for a behind the scenes look at People’s Light’s newest original holiday show, Little Red Robin Hood: A Musical Panto.
  • What’s That Sound?
    After we welcomed our daughter, Ava Hope, into the world on May 8, 2019, we realized there is a lot to learn when it comes to parenting. So where did that curiosity leave us? With a brand-new show called Life After Baby! From bottles to books, spit-up to social media, […]
  • The Melton Center – We Need Your Help
    This video was created to drive end of year donations for the Charles A. Melton Arts and Education Center. Released: December 2016Director/Editor: Kyle HudsonVideographer: Justin SeegmullerMusic: Mike Nappi
  • Meet Kyle: Daily Local Profile
    Meet Kyle Hudson, thanks to this profile in the Daily Local News.
  • Pasta Salad Dressing Facebook Video
    Why buy dressings at the store when you can make them at home? It’s easier than you think!
  • Why Your Brand Needs Social Media
    If your website is the destination, social media posts are the billboards on your marketing roadmap. Most people will look at your Facebook or Instagram before ever entering your doorway or browsing your website. They will pin a product or like a post far sooner than making a purchase. They […]
  • Why Your Brand Needs a Blog
    If your website is the destination, blog posts are the exits on your marketing road-map. A HubSpot study concluded that businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don’t. And, it’s easy to see why. Audiences have tuned out the yell and sell advertisements. Instead, they are […]
  • Why Your Brand Needs Email Marketing
    If you’re like most people, one of the first things you did this morning was checking your email.  While social media gets the most marketing buzz, email newsletters are one of the most effective, cost-efficient, and easiest ways to reach your current customers. Emails inform customers, build brand awareness, deliver timely […]
  • What is Content Marketing?
    Gone are the days of yell and sell. Of customers opening a newspaper, seeing an ad, and interacting with a brand once. In 1984, a person was exposed to 2,000 ads a day. Nowadays, we are exposed to 5,000 ads every day! Between a barrage of messages and ad blockers, […]
  • A Taste of Olive – Simple Salad
    This is the most viewed video we have ever produced, with over 11k views. This was one of a series, but the others didn’t hit anything like this. This ad campaign was so successful that it ran through the holidays and into 2019, leading into a record breaking new year […]
  • Top Takeaways from Rad Fest Women’s Expo
    If winter is a time for reflections and resolutions, spring (even a snowy one) is a time to break up with bad habits and get energized for the rest of the year. That’s why the first Rad Girls Rad Fest Women’s Expo–part conference, part networking, part marketplace came at the […]
  • Coatesville Country Club – Questions To Ask Your Venue
    At its core, content marketing is creating content that people want to see. This video for Coatesville Country Club gives brides-to-be questions to ask when they are looking for a venue. Released: March 2018Director/Editor: Kyle HudsonVideographer: Justin SeegmullerMusic: Mike Nappi
  • Velvet Hair Studio – Keyanna Cellucci, Founding Hairstylist
    We created this video for Velvet Hair Studio to introduce potential clients to Keyanna Cellucci, the owner and lead stylist. Videos like this can create a relationship with potential customers before they visit. We shot this during a photoshoot with Sabina Sister Photography. Released: November 2017Director/Editor: Kyle HudsonVideographer: Shane DanielsMusic: Mike Nappi
  • Coatesville Country Club – Pro Grip
    This was one of a series of videos we did with the Golf Pro at the Coatesville Country Club to show off basic golf tips in the offseason. Released: November 2017Director/Editor: Kyle HudsonVideographer: Justin SeegmullerMusic: Doug Keller
  • A Taste of Olive – Arte Italica
    By focusing on a product only sold in stores, we were able to help boost foot traffic for A Taste of Olive during the lead up to Christmas. Released: December 2016Director/Editor: Kyle HudsonVideographer: Justin SeegmullerMusic: Dan Foster
  • Medford Ford – Ford Sync
    One of a series of three videos we wrote, directed, shot and edited for Medford Ford to highlight Ford Sync. Released: October 2015Director/Editor: Kyle HudsonVideographer: Rob PedlowMusic: Doug Keller