If winter is a time for reflections and resolutions, spring (even a snowy one) is a time to break up with bad habits and get energized for the rest of the year.

That’s why the first Rad Girls Rad Fest Women’s Expo–part conference, part networking, part marketplace came at the perfect time.

Rad Girls is an organization that celebrates spirited women who achieve, innovate, and inspire and after it’s inaugural conference… I would say mission accomplished.

Here are my top takeaways from the first-ever Rad Fest held on March 22nd:

Find Your Passion. The theme of the conference was passion. Whether it’s volunteering, your career, business or hobbies, make passion the driving force behind everything you do.  

GRN. Regardless if you’ve been pursuing your passion for five minutes or five decades, the Women in Entrepreneurship Panel encouraged attendees to always be learning. Yasmine Mustafa, Roar for Good’s Co-founder and CEO, has a mantra: GRN-Grow, Read, Network. “There is so much knowledge around you when you first start out.”

Self-Care is Not Selfish. Burnout is all too real in the entrepreneurship arena. Whether its a meditation class or weekend wellness retreat, journaling or jogging, everyone needs to make time for self-care. When Stimulus’ CEO and Founder, Tiffanie Stanard, needs to recharge, she travels to other cities to see how their entrepreneurial communities operate. Figure out what works for you and make time for self-care

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. During the “Brand Matters” panel, Karina Kacala, Marketing Manager at Opera Philadelphia recalled their risk-taking rebranding project. They decided to redesign everything from their name to logo to look as well as introduce innovative programming. To take your brand to the next level, you can’t be afraid to take a risk and approach something differently.

Be Open. Amber Hikes, Philadelphia Office of LGBT Affairs Executive Director, believes change starts within your surroundings. If your table isn’t diverse enough, do something about it. Rebuild the table, find new people with different backgrounds to sit with you. And what if they disagree with you? Start a dialogue.

Create Opportunities. Bethany Edwards, LIA Diagnostics Founder and CEO didn’t set out to create the world’s first, flushable, biodegradable pregnancy test. While conducting grad school research, she stumbled upon the urgent (and kind of obvious when you think about it) need for privacy when it came to pregnancy tests. Then, she and her co-founder spent two years figuring out how to create that. “Women entrepreneurs have an opportunity to innovate in markets that have historically been lacking in attention. We go where others might not see an opportunity.”

You’re Never Too Young to Start. While most 7th graders are spending their time after school doing homework or playing soccer, Anna Welsh is building a socially-minded, sustainable bag empire – Littlebags.BIGIMPACT. This 14-year-old entrepreneur transforms recycled materials into beautiful clutches, pouches, and bags. These products do more than just look good, a portion of every purchase is donated to local charities. Since 2015, she’s donated $1,500 and recycled over 1,000 pounds of fabric.

Every Journey Begins With A Single Step.

The biggest takeaway from the day was this: no matter if it is a first time conference for hundreds of people, wearable safety jewelry, or even just starting a blog, every idea has to start from somewhere, and your idea can’t change the world unless you put it into action. Need to get started? I know a few Rad Girls who can help.


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